50 Years of Bond: Hosting the Perfect Party

Golden Anniversary of Bond Tablescape

Friday represented the release of the highly anticipated new Bond film, Skyfall. The Bond franchise is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year, and in honor, this week I am providing you with all of the knowhow to throw a smashing golden dinner party and movie marathon, for everyone’s favorite British spy! Bond, James Bond, of course. The menu will be as glamorous as the table décor, and best of all, I will walk you through it all step by step. Each day I will show you another aspect to creating a perfect and elegant party for all of the Bond lovers in your life. The following is the schedule for this week:

Mock up Monday: Evites, Movies and Table Mock up
Entre Tuesday: Filet Mignon with Garlic Butter and Truffle Mashed Potatoes
Cocktail Wednesday: Classic Bond Cocktails
Craft Thrusday: Golden Playing Card Runner
Dessert Friday: Elegant Sticky Toffee Pudding

Simple Electronic Invitations

Keep the invitations simple but elegant: Paper invites are always more special to receive, but not everyone has the time or money to invest in them. Electronic invites are a great way to get the message out quickly about this weekend’s party, and better yet, they are free. Spend your money on the filet minion and not embossed stationary. Evite.com is a great online invitation resource that has designs for nearly every occasion; two of my favorites are showcased below. The following screenshots are two of the evites that would work perfectly. The first available in the cocktail party category and is called martini stems. The second is available in the dinner party category and is called black and white dinner.

Martini Stems

Black and White Dinner Party

Table Mock Up and Craft Preview

An elegant dinner party followed by a screening of classic Bond films is surely the perfect way to celebrate the enigmatic man’s golden birthday on the silver screen. The color scheme is kept simple and true to the character of Bond with a heavy emphasis on black and white, because no man has ever looked so good in a tuxedo. Hints of red and gold are incorporated to the table-scape with a playing card table runner, that I will highlight in Thursday’s blog, along with a golden and glittering 007, as the focal point. Names of guests are printed on golden tiles and flatware is tucked into a classic menu folded napkin, reminiscent of a pocket square peeking out of a suit coat. All of this glitz and glamour is, washed down with a few vodka martinis for good measure. Shaken, not stirred, of course.

Quick Tips to Take Your Party to the Next Level

Invest in some plastic chargers– With the holidays quickly approaching, chargers can be found everywhere, some as cheap as $2 (Target). Buy up a few and use them when you entertain. You will be surprised how they can change the feel of your table and give a burst of class to your function.

Get creative with presentation– For this party, serve the salad course in a martini glass. It is super fun and fits the theme beautifully. If you don’t own any, head to your local thrift store and snatch some up at bargain prices.

Learn to fold napkins– I am still a novice, but I cannot express to you how beautiful a properly folded napkin can make your table. I advise the classic menu fold (seen below) for this dinner party, the fold resembles a man’s pocket square, adding and air of elegance; I certainly think Bond would approve of.

Break up the monotony- I love a good movie marathon as much as the next girl, but sometimes you need to get up and stretch your legs. Dazzle your guests with a glass of champagne and a nice cigar after a few films. If you don’t have a go-to cigar, I recommend Torano’s, they are a mellow, full-bodied cigar that both novice and expert smokers will enjoy.


While the food and table are important, the films have equal weight for this opulent function. My husband, who is a certified Bondie, suggested a few films that would please any audience, regardless of their knowledge of the franchise. Purchasing is costly and renting seems to be harder to do these days, so unless you happen to own all of these, like we do, head to your public library. Usually, they have a huge collection of classic films that people rarely utilize. Who knows, maybe you will rediscover your love of Hitchcock or film noir while scouring the movie section. Libraries are wonderful places! The follow is his list for a perfect Bond evening:

1)   Dr. No (1962- Sean Connery) The film that started it all. A classic and an absolute must for your evening!!

2)   Goldfinger (1964- Sean Connery) A classic Sean Connery film and one of my favorite Bonds. Of course, it doesn’t hurt either that the concept of the film fits in perfectly with the golden hues on the dining room table.

3)   Live and Let Die (1973- Roger Moore) The best of the Roger Moore films, in my opinion and Sir Paul McCartney recorded the theme song. How could you lose?

4)   GoldenEye (1995- Pierce Brosnan) The world is on the brink of disaster once again, and handsome Pierce comes to the rescue. He can save me any day!

5)   Casino Royale (2006- Daniel Craig) Daniel Craig provides as fresh new edge to Bond. A super techy and fun film is a great way to round out your night.

Very few characters have endured the way James Bond has, and that is truly something to be celebrated. I promise, if you follow my tips and tricks, you will have an evening full of fun and glamour. I have some wonderful things in store this week, so make sure you check back everyday.

Happy planning,



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